About the Stuttgart's Children Film Festival

Movie prize: the Children's Jury awards the Charly to the best movie

The Stuttgart’s Children Film Festival has established as an important cultural event in Stuttgart since its beginning. It’s making a fundamental contribution to the movie culture and to children between four and twelve years as they are forming the main audience.
High quality movies are chosen from German and international film productions. The focus of the festival lies on the presentation of the movies in the room of experience cinema. Accompanying media educational game actions, meetings with filmmakers and workshops create exciting learning spaces. Children learn to orientate themselves in the diversity of the media and thus acquire media competence.
Movie experience deals with fascination so children can actively appropriate the world. With our program should enable them to intense perception and contrast marketing their adventure world to creative movie experience. We bring children close to movies as "works of art", which create many new experiences and suggestions. In addition to audiovisual taste education, we want to empower the children to critical distance as well as the active perception of media content.
The Stuttgart’s Children Film Festival is rounded out by a conference for multipliers, the medien education expert conference. Workshops, lectures and movie examples contribute to the strengthening of media competence.

When did the Stuttgart’s Children Film Festival began?
The first Stuttgart’s Children Film Festival took place in 1986. At that time the organizers showed new children's films on 16 mm film reels. In the following years workshops to the film application suitable for children were quickly added. At times, more than 800 visitors attended the event. In 2000 the Stuttgart’s Children Film Festival took place several days for the first time. After a while it was decided to organize a media pedagogic expert conference in addition to the Children's Film Festival.

Film education is important
Children should learn how movies are made and how a cinema works. For this purpose the Stuttgart’s Children Film Festival developed new offerings new every year: a family day with diverse games, excursions in film studios, setting musik to an animated cartoon by an orchestra and much more.

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Jury and prize

Children's Jury

The focus of Stuttgart’s Children Film Festival lies on the competition with new children's films from around the world to win the Children's Jury prize "Charly ".
The Children's Jury is publicly advertised every year and every Stuttgart’s school child from 10 to 13 years can apply for a candidature. The jury consists of up to 8 pupils. It awards the "Charly" completely independently.
In order to fulfill their new responsibilities the pupils will be prepared by experienced film educators. They learn based on examples to analyse children's films, to judge and also to justify their evaluation.
They also must be secretive because the jury announces the winner of the Charly not until the ceremony on the last day of the festival.

Kids Reporter

Kids Reporter interrogating a guest at the Metropol cinema in Stuttgart

During the Children Film Festival the Kids Reporter will be on the move.
Previously the kids learn dealing with camera and microphone in workshops. In the accompanying actions to the movies they look over the participants’ shoulders, interview foreign guests and interrogate the visitors to the festival.

The movie review will be published on our website. As part of the award ceremony at the last day all movie reviews of the week will be shown to the audience.

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Media education expert conference

View over the fully occupied hall at the media education expert conference in 2015

The media education expert conference offers educators the possibility to gather information and to deal with media educational topics. For this purpose we invite experts, which support with lectures but also with concrete examples and suggestions for the work with media in educational professions.

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Translatet by Elvira Bergen and Alexandra Schwarz

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